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Where to Get the Best Pizza in Singapore?

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Where to Get the Best Pizza in Singapore?

Singapore is unique because it is a melting pot of cultures and a land of mixed races. Equally remarkable is its food and dining experiences. Whether you are into vegetable pizzas or a parma ham lover, an old school eater or a gourmet pizza fan, Singapore is for everyone. The place is full of pizza surprises – flash baked, wood-fired and oven baked; thick, thin or stuffed and we may always love them all.

Visit Bottura

Now, the question is where we can get them. If you want to have a thin crust pizza topped with mozzarella cheese which has a fresh, vibrant, assembled and unexpected feel to it, go to Bottura in Temasek Boulevard. Its Melone Pizza contains the classic appetisers of Parma ham and rock melon. The pie comprises of the ultra thin sliced sweet rock melon, fresh shaved Parma ham, ripped mozzarella sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil.

Come to California Pizza Kitchen

Get an individually hand-stretched crust pizza at California Pizza Kitchen located on the Orchard Road. Go for their signature item, the Peking Duck pizza which is different owing to its barbecue sauce base called Hoisin. The flavour builds with the help of roasted duck breast, wontons, fresh scallions, honey soy-glazed shiitake, cucumber, mozzarella and chilli.

Go to Da Paolo Pizza Bar

Ask for Da Paolo Pizza Bar style pizzas in Jalan Merah Saga and they may serve you with a crust that seems crispy at first but slowly reveals its density that holds the pie together. Its Bosco D’Inverno has the perfect crust-to-cheese ratio as you can find both mascarpone and mozzarella melted on the pie. The white pizza is served without tomato and is topped with shavings of black truffle and earthy mushrooms.

Eat at Etna Italian Restaurant

Come to Etna Italian Restaurant on Duxton Road and you will be glad to find a place that offers a famous house specialty. The highlight of its menu is a kind of pizza which has porcini mushrooms, crushed pistachios, cream cheese, Parma ham and mozzarella with a crispy crust but a soggy centre.

House on Dempsey Road

A must-to-go place can be House located on the Dempsey Road. With a cracker-like, brittle crust, it has the most unique pizza you may ever find. Try the Ginger Butter Chicken Pizza over here. It tastes delicious when you gobble up morsels of slowly-cooked chicken thigh, tomato salsa, onions, cashews, yoghurt and grated hardboiled egg. La Pizzaiola is in Jalan Riang dishes out its special that is made up of ingredients like fresh arugula, roast beef, mozzarella and Parmesan flakes tasting of pungent truffle oil.

Neapolitan, copper wood-fired pizza lovers can go to Bussorah Street to relish delicious culinary delights in a chic industrial setting. So, if you visit this place next time, savour the traditional Italian flavours in an Asian town.

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