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Visit St Lawrence Gap to Get Stuck Into the Barbados Lifestyle – A Must-See on All Barbados Holidays

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Visit St Lawrence Gap to Get Stuck Into the Barbados Lifestyle – A Must-See on All Barbados Holidays

If you want to get stuck into the fast-pace, hip and fun side of Barbados then the only place to head to is Saint Lawrence Gap. Situated on the south coast of the island and backing onto to the gorgeous Dover beach this strip of shops, bars, restaurants and hotels is the place to see and be seen. Get straight into all the action by staying on ‘The Gap’ (as it’s generally known) or nearby, so you can be within easy reach of the best bars and restaurants in Barbados.

An Eclectic Choice

Whatever time of day it is the gap is always a hubbub of activities, and has everything on offer to entertain the masses. Luxury apartments are located next to affordable hotels and cheap inns; the best restaurants are situated alongside local street vendors; informal karaoke clubs are near sophisticated cocktail bars and there is a great atmosphere to be breathed all around. With a good mix of locals and tourists St Lawerence Gap will give you a great flavour of Barbados and everything it has to offer, all set alongside the serenity of a gorgeous Caribbean bay and beach.


If you’re looking for a great seafood restaurant try in St Lawrence Gap try Pisces; renowned throughout Barbados, it also offers a great view over the bay.

For a special occasion to celebrate during your Barbados holidays or to have the most sophisticated meal of your trip visit Josef’s which offers fine cuisine and a wonderful setting overlooking the water.

Keep up the quality with something a little more informal by visiting The Harlequin Restaurant. An intimate little restaurant where you’ll get tasty food served on the outside terrace so you can soak up the atmosphere of the street.


For a night of sophistication head to Pravda Bar and Lounge for delicious cocktails and a luxury ambience.

If you want to keep it casual and fun then try McBrides, the requisite Irish themed bar on The Gap. Live bands and free Guinness on some nights make this a perfect place to enjoy with a few mates.

The Reggae Lounge is also a really popular place to head to later in the evening. The club offers an all-inclusive package, where you pay an entry free which includes all in-house drinks for the evening. Simply pay, enter and pop to the bar without having to worry about spending extra cash. With frequent live bands this is a place for all music and party lovers.

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