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Tomato Stew And Other Nigerian Stew Recipes

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Tomato Stew And Other Nigerian Stew Recipes

Nigerian different stew recipes and how to make tomato stew.

There are different kinds of stew recipes eaten in Nigeria, I am going to talk about the two very popular ones. You need to know that stews in Nigeria are served along with some other Nigeria foods like rice, yam, maize, beans and so many others.

I developed a special kind of likeness for Banga stew (soup), a special kind of Nigerian stew popular made by the people of Igbo. There are three major tribes in Nigeria and like a hundred other minor tribes, the majority of these people have different recipes for stew.

Over the years while I tried to explore Nigerian foods further I discovered so many recipes that I never thought existed. I discovered a kind of stew in Yoruba land that is just made with palm oil and dried peppers, this stew is served with a combination of bread and beans, a perfect breakfast combination in Yoruba land.

I did like it while I lived in Lagos state.

There are very many other kinds of Nigerian stews; The people of Igbo make a very delicious stew with palm fruit and other ingredients, I enjoyed an overdose of this delicious recipe during the Christmas celebration, kind of my favorite stew in 2013.

Banga soup (ofe akwu), [as the people of Igbo call it] could be made with simple ingredients that can be harvested from the farm, that is the reason it is very popular in the rural areas. The stew is made with palm fruits, scent leaves, crayfish and other ingredients.

So I am going to concentrate more on Nigerian tomato stew which was my favorite stew of 2012. Tomato stew is quite easy to prepare because almost all the ingredients used in making this delicious recipe could be found in every part of the world. So if you don’t live in Nigeria you can still make tomato stew and white rice for dinner.

The ingredients for tomato stew include

Fresh tomatoes (700ml Ground)

Fresh Pepper (20ml ground)

Chicken Wings (1.5kg)

Onions (2 bulbs)

Maggi seasoning (2 cubes)

Thyme/curry (spices)

Groundnut/vegetable oil (15cl)

Salt and Pepper to taste.

Here is How to make Tomato stew in Nigeria

Step 1

Parboil the chicken wings with all the necessary ingredients, I like to use a bulb of onions, a cube of maggi, salt and a teaspoon of curry/thyme, it is advisable to parboil chicken with these ingredients if you want to end up with a very tasty stew. Parboils the chicken wings for ten to fifteen minute

Grind the tomatoes and the pepper together with a blender, also slice the onions and set aside in a bowl.

Step 2

Fry the tomato/pepper in a separate pot or frying pan. Set the pot on a burner, allow to heat for a minute before adding the oil, heat for another one minute and add sliced onions, stir for a minute before adding the ground tomatoes/pepper. Stir and fry for the next ten to fifteen minute until the tomato looses its sour taste due to frying.

It is advisable to stir occasionally while frying to avoid burning, tomato turns black when it is allowed to burn and black is not exactly my favorite stew color. You need to apply a little bit of caution while making Nigerian foods, Nigerian stew is no exception.

Let’s continue with the process of making Nigerian tomato stew, the most popular Nigerian stew recipe.

Step 3

Add the parboiled Chicken to the fried tomato/pepper, add sliced onions, Maggi seasoning, salt, curry thyme and other spices you like. Stir all together and allow to boil for another five minutes.

You can also add vegetables, fluted pumpkin is the best for tomato stew,

You just made a delicious pot of Nigerian tomato stew, serve with rice, yam or beans.

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