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No Diet Weight Loss – The Alternative Way To Lose Weight

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No Diet Weight Loss – The Alternative Way To Lose Weight

Most of us have had a bad experience of dieting. Which is not surprising as 95% of dieters on an old style weight loss diets do not lose weight. Of those that do lose weight 80% put all the weight lost back on in less than 12 months. This awful success rate demonstrates that there is a problem with diets that promise a simple or quick fix for the habits, behaviours and attitudes that have often built up of many years.

So, is there a better path to long-term, sustainable weight loss? Certainly it is not the old calorie counting or food restrictive diets. Maybe the answer is to make diet part of you daily lifestyle, much in the same way that putting on the weight in the first place was also part of your daily routine. By thinking of weight loss in this way, not the primary focus yet more a by-product of your lifestyle choices, it is possible to start to reverse those bad habits. Yet more importantly you will begin to change the habits, behaviours and attitudes that caused the weight gain – rather than just tinkering with the symptoms.

You could start with some easy changes you could make to your lifestyle to begin the no diet weight loss process. Here are three things you could do right now are:

Avoid Processed Foods. There is a simple mantra that you may wish to consider memorising, which is ‘don’t eat any food that your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize‘. Or at least you should think twice before you do. Processed foods are saturated with fats and sugars and low on nutrients, a combination that is an ideal recipe for weight gain. As an alternative move towards fresh and whole foods instead of their processed counterparts. For example, fresh whole grain bread baked on the day of purchase would be better than the white preservative ridden alternative. Research proves that the more whole natural food you eat the healthier and more satisfying your diet will be.

Eat Well But Eat Less. The easiest and most effective no diet weight loss technique is to cut back – even by a fraction – the amount of food on your plate. As weight loss is a numbers game, consume fewer calories than you need equals weight loss. By eating just 5% less will make a dramatic difference. It is sometimes difficult to restrict calorie intake so always substitute quality for quantity. That’s why 5% is an ideal number as anything greater may be noticeable and may well leave you hungry and vulnerable to impulsive eating.

Try To Relax More. There is a body of evidence that indicates that stress can cause weight gain and that one way to lose weight is to relax more. The stress process is part of the flight or fight response as stress causes your adrenal glands to release adrenaline and cortisol into your bloodstream. A side-effect of which causes the body to retain fat. In addition to this cortisol, the stress hormone, desensitizes your body to other hormones. This in turn reduces your sensitivity to leptin, the hormone that tells your brain when you are full. The other downside with stress is that we tend to turn to comfort food to make cheer ourselves up.

Should you feel that a no diet weight loss program is the way forward for you then one thing you will need is more patience than willpower. Because changing habits, behaviours and attitudes will not happen overnight. Yet making small, tiny changes will over time will give you consistent and long lasting results providing gradual weight loss making it more likely that the weight will disappear for good. So if you have been failed by old style diets, why not give it a try?

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