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Find Out Why A Gluten Free Whole Foods Diet Is Better For You

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Find Out Why A Gluten Free Whole Foods Diet Is Better For You

A whole foods diet does not mean a diet of foods from Whole Foods Market.

A gluten free diet of whole foods means that you eat a diet that consists of only the complete food. No food isolates or foods that are refined, diluted, rearranged or manipulated by man (or woman).

Whole foods means you eat food in the form that mother natures delivers it. Your grains are whole not refined and processed into a different substance with the same name.

There is a huge body of evidence that eating a whole foods diet is the healthiest way to eat. If you are eliminating gluten but you still eat the same foods just not any that contain gluten, you may not be able to reach any new levels in your health.

If you are eating a whole food diet, it is actually easier to avoid gluten. If you are preparing your own meals and using primarily whole fresh foods you will know what all the ingredients are. Unlike a diet of processed packaged and manipulated foods that may or may not contain gluten in the form of wheat derivatives or other spin off substances made from wheat.

A whole foods diet is very healthy for humans, you will be eating a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits as well as whole grains like amaranth, quinoa, millet, buck wheat and brown rice. Nuts, seeds, beans and if so inclined wild fresh seafood and scratch and grass fed meats.

If you are eating an unhealthy diet of fast foods, processed and refined foods, with very little fresh fruits and vegetables, then eating a gluten free diet of the same food choices, you will not necessarily be any healthier. Much of the gluten free processed foods available at the market and at many restaurants are no healthier that the regular processed foods that contain gluten.

If you are willing to change your diet perhaps it is time to clean up your whole diet. Consider looking into a whole foods diet.

Educating yourself about gluten-free whole grains and incorporating whole foods can boost up and improve the nutrient profile and increase the fiber in a gluten-free diet.

Whole grains instead of refined grains whenever possible.

A skinless chicken breast cooked with healthful ingredients

A baked potato with chopped green onions and light sour cream

Fresh berries with breakfast

A blueberry smoothie made with blueberries, yogurt, and a frozen banana

Lots of fresh salads and leafy greens like kale, collards, chard and spinach

Wild fish prepared with a few herbs.

In closing it is clear that there is no doubt that eating a gluten free whole food diet of fresh foods and whole grains will be far more beneficial for your health than eating a gluten free diet of processed, refined manufactured foods..

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