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Food never sleeps.

Fantastic Food in Barbados

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A famous Spanish saying quotes “The belly rules the mind”. Indeed it is true! As for people all over the world, eating or the art of cuisine is such a favorite topic among many since it satisfies our sense of taste.

When we come to talk about cuisine and exotic tropical taste, one place stands out, Barbados. Having a mix of tropical atmosphere and the sweet sense of exotic and mouth watering taste surely gives a whole new definition to dining.

Let me start off by introducing to you the national dish of the famous island. Cou Cou and Flying Fish has made this little Caribbean island stand out among the rest. The first recipe is an exotic and sophisticated blend of cornmeal, okra and tomatoes with an accent of salt, peppers and the famous Bajan hot sauce. Meanwhile, flying fish is abundant in this location since it thrives well among the warm waters that surround the island. This dish is commonly served fried or steamed, depending on your choice.

Fish here in the island is a common choice for food since the place clearly is full of aqua culture resources. People have created and come up with different kinds of recipes that use fish as its main ingredient. Another one of their famous cooking inventions is the Bajan Macaroni Pie and Flying Fish. This unique recipe is the Bajan’s own version of Mac and cheese.

This time, let’s talk about the famous thirst quencher. It’s called the Mauby drink. It’s a carbonated drink made from the bark as well as the leaves of a Colubrina arborescence tree. Although there are already a lot of commercialized carbonated drinks in the market out there, Mauby still stands out as a symbol of the Caribbean island’s pride. This drink can be of an alcoholic nature as well as a non-fermented drink. It is consumed as a cold drink in most cases. So team up your flavorful meals with this native drink and get to feel the whole tropical experience of being in Barbados.

For those having the notion that food in Barbados are almost all hot and spicy, well, let me enlighten you on that. Actually, not all Barbados food is hot and spicy. As a matter of fact, one of the islands well loved delicacies is coconut bread or sweet bread as what they usually call it. Its flavor and taste is best described by three words, sweet, sweet, and sweet! The bread is accentuated with a bit of coconut filling inside before it is cooked in the oven. While this delicious treat is being cooked, it gives out the aroma of sweetness all over the place. This will surely make you crave for more.

Here’s a rare delicacy that would surely give off that exotic taste you have been looking for. Get to experience the local specialty of the island, Sea-Egg. The sea-egg is commonly known as the sea-urchin. This local delicacy is considered rare since harvesting of these eggs is controlled by local government officials due to the depletion of its resources. But don’t fret; these exotic eggs are available when they are in season. So if you happen to be in Barbados, don’t forget to check out this dish.

When it comes to food, Bajans have been known for two things: alcohol and cake. Rum Cake or also known as Great Cake has been a favorite among the locals of this island. A combination of beer and rum, this dessert would top your great food experience in Barbados.

All these food and delicacies would surely fill you up not only with a satisfied belly, but with a rewarding and complete tropical experience in the island of Barbados.

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