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Diet for Leaky Gut Syndrome

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Diet for Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome is most effectively treated through dietary adjustments. Leaky gut syndrome is caused by the leakage of toxins from the intestinal walls into the blood stream. This leaves many people wondering what the condition has to do with diet, but food actually has a lot to do with it!

Your immune system spends it’s time patrolling your body for intruders, toxins and dangers. Its job is to find these dangers and get them out of the body through attack. When serious toxins are leaked into the bloodstream through the intestines, the immune system goes on the attack. Unfortunately, it attacks food particles as well as legitimate particles. Once a certain type of food has been attacked the immune system will start watching for more of that food type and attacking it. This leads to the stomach problems that come along with leaky gut syndrome.

The process of eating to cure leaky gut syndrome starts by cutting certain foods out of your diet for a full month. There are other foods that you should add into your diet during this time to help your body in the direction of normal functioning again.

Foods to Cut Out in the First Month

Here is a quick list of foods that are commonly attacked by the immune system when you have leaky gut syndrome. They are great foods to cut out during this first month of treatment:

• Banana

• Strawberry

• Kiwi

• Orange

• Grapefruit

• Pineapple

• Corn

• Papaya

• Eggplant

• Peppers

• Potato

• Tomato

• Flour

• Wheat

• Soy

• Milk

• Eggs

• Rye

• Barley

• Oats

• Beans

• Chocolate

• Honey

• Vanilla

• Vinegar

• Mushroom

• Peanut

Notice that a lot of the foods you should cut out are acidic and many others are starchy. Before you start worrying that you will have to cut too many foods to comfortably eat during this month, keep reading for the list of delicious foods that you are encouraged to eat.

Foods to Add in the First Month

You can simply make some exchanges for fruits and vegetables on the above list for those on this list of foods to be added into your diet:

• Apple

• Apricot

• Avocado

• Onion

• Peach

• Pear

• Beets

• Brussels Sprouts

• Carrot

• Plum

• Cherry

• Nectarine

• Coconut Milk

• Spinach

• Figs

• Grape

• Parsnip

• Bok Choy

• Pine Nut

• Pumpkin Seeds

• Cilantro

• Brown Rice

• Wild Rice

• Sprouts

• Sunflower Seeds

• Kale

Beyond the First Month

Try to stick with fresh fruits and vegetables on the list of foods to add for the first month of your anti-leaky gut diet. In the second month you are given more variety in the diet as you can start adding meat, fish, and poultry for a well-rounded meal plan. You can even start adding back some of the fruits and vegetables that were eliminated in the first month, but you have to do this with caution so foods that cause negative side effects are eliminated once again.

The trick is that you don’t go right back to the way you were eating before starting this diet to get rid of leaky gut. You pick one food to add back into your diet and wait at least a few days before adding anything else back in. This gives you time to see how your body reacts to each individual food that you put back into the diet. Some foods will agree with your system and will be kept in your diet while others are eliminated again because of negative reactions inside your stomach. Over time you can try to reintroduce all of your favorite foods to see what happens.

The great thing about this dietary treatment for leaky gut syndrome is you get to identify the specific foods that don’t agree with your body. Don’t be surprised if you are able to stomach some foods better after following this diet than you did before.

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