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Clay Cookware – Where to Buy in the USA

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Clay Cookware – Where to Buy in the USA

The popularity of clay cookware is increasing with more people becoming aware of its health benefits. How conventional cookware has been poisoning our food is no longer a secret. Tired of dealing with health problems ranging from common illnesses to chronic and life-threatening diseases viz. diabetes, blood pressure, cancer etc., we are finally coming back to our roots. The ancient practice of cooking in clay cookware is still the only healthy option because of one simple reason – there is no other material to make cookware as pure, all-natural and healthy as clay in nature.

The next important step is where to buy clay pots and pans in the USA. The market is flooded with so many kinds of cookware that claim to use clay as raw material, it is normal for anybody to get confused. The common clay cookware we can find in the market are:

1. Ceramic Cookware – Ceramics has been in the market for a while and is often marketed as a kind of clay cookware. In reality, ceramics is mixed with a number of chemicals, further glazed and coated with more chemicals for shine and color. So unfortunately, ceramic cookware does not provide the unique benefits of cooking in all-natural clay. If you are looking for a truly healthy cookware, ceramics is not it!

2. Imported Cookware – There are some imported varieties of clay cookware in the market available at a much less price. The biggest problem with these is – you can never be sure of the composition of clay used. Also, they are inexpensive probably because they are made with additives to decrease the time it takes to make them. If the clay is not pure it is not healthy!

3. Pure Clay Cookware – Pure clay is unglazed primary clay sourced from unfarmed and non-industrialized lands in the US. This all-natural material is further tested for metal and chemical contaminants before it is used to make clay cookware. It is interesting to note that the raw material doesn’t have to go through a mechanized process so there is absolutely no use of additives. The pots and pans are handmade using the age-old method of throwing clay on a potter’s wheel and using skillful hands to shape it into usable pots and pans.

Unlike plenty of raw materials in the market, we have test results of clay to check if it contains any contaminants. By cooking in pure clay, the nutritional value and the natural taste of food is preserved – so you get 100% non-toxic, nutrition-rich food.

To further back this claim of pure clay cookware being the healthiest, the healthy cooks recommend performing an alkaline baking soda test (a simple home test that requires only baking soda and water), on any cooking pot and check if it leaches.

If your cookware fails the alkaline baking soda test, no need to worry, get pure clay cookware for cooking the healthiest food.

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