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Bonaire Food and Travel Tips

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Bonaire Food and Travel Tips

Traveling and eating go hand in hand, and no one wants to travel somewhere where delicious food can’t be found! Whether you have the budget to eat out on the island’s best restaurants every night of the week or would like to try a variety of cuisines, Bonaire has the food, the sights and the sounds for you when you take your next trip. Here are a few Bonaire food and travel tips to keep in mind next time you arrive in this beautiful island paradise!

Traveling to Bonaire can be quick and easy. Many North American and European cities offer nonstop flights to Bonaire and surrounding Caribbean islands. Bonaire is accessible by air and boat, although typically only cruise ships dock in the major ports. Water taxis are available for transportation around the island and are great for touring the beautiful coasts of Bonaire. Bonaire is a world class scuba diving destination and many companies operate private boating tours to the best scuba and snorkeling sites around the island.

Although Bonaire is a geographically small island many visitors choose to rent a car when they visit. Small busses and taxis are also available for travel around the island and public transportation is readily accessible.

Bonaire contains an abundance of wildlife and flora native to the Caribbean. Visitors can observe flamingos and other rare animal species before hiking through the beautiful wildlife preserve located on the northern part of the island. The variety of beaches located on the island are perfect for having a relaxing day, packing a lunch or dinner, swimming in the warm water and enjoying an extraordinary Caribbean sunset.

Bonaire has many different restaurants catering to a wide variety of locals and visitors of all budgets, preferences, and nationalities. Local foods center around dishes like soups, stews, fried treats and the delicious seafood fresh from the ocean around the island. International cuisine includes Chinese, Argentinian, Italian, Indonesian, Suriname, and more. Fast food is uncommon in Bonaire but the options visitors have for trying all sorts of new restaurants more than makes up for it! Diners should call ahead to confirm the restaurant’s opening hours as many close briefly during the afternoon for siestas and some are closed during certain days of the week.

Traveling and eating in Bonaire is a once in a lifetime experience, sure to impress even the most travel-savvy tourists from around the world. Whether you are staying in Bonaire temporarily or plan to make this a long term vacation, the options this little island has will amaze you.

From water sports and sailing trips to the endless possibilities for relaxation, the hospitable vibe of Bonaire translates across cultures. From the restaurants you will eat in to the places you will stay you will be surrounded by the warmth of the sun, the smell of the sea, and the friendliness of the people around you. Getting here is simple, but getting home might be difficult as the memories of your delightful vacation will be hard to forget.

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