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Kentucky Lemonade – What’s Gaby Cooking

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It’s another big food week coming up! And one thing we’ve never really discussed here on WGC is the Derby! So in honor of the occasion, we’re making a Kentucky Lemonade!  

Kentucky Lemonade from (@whatsgabycookin)

One of my best friends grew up in Kentucky and was a frequent visitor to the Derby. Big hats, floral dresses, boozy cocktails and a day in the sun… that’s how she describes the Derby. So a Kentucky Lemonade feels like the right move if you’re going to be cheers-ing along at home. This super easy bourbon-laced cocktail is fantastic and can easily be prepped ahead if you’re hosting a Derby soiree! Florida’s Natural Lemonade is the main ingredient, OBVI the best lemonade in the game—delicious, refreshing, and made with real cane sugar, it’s just the right balance of sour and sweet. Once you’ve acquired some of that, you’ll just need some of your favorite Bourbon (we use Michter’s), some fresh mint and some Ginger Ale to give it a bit of a bubbly finish.  

Kentucky Lemonade from (@whatsgabycookin)

A few tips and tricks if you’re making this at home. 

1: It’s a batch cocktail so you can easily double or triple the recipe below. 

2: IF you are planning to prep this ahead of time – combine everything except the Ginger Ale. That you should add at the last minute with some ice before serving. 

3: Don’t skimp on muddling the mint leaves. It adds that herby freshness to your cocktail and feels extra springy! 

Alright friends – there you have it! Snag yourself some of the Florida’s Natural Lemonade from your local market and you’re in business. And if you’re looking for food to serve at your Derby soiree, here’s what I’m thinking:

Kentucky Lemonade from (@whatsgabycookin)

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