November 29, 2023


Food never sleeps.

Food ‘Influencer’ Crushed For Asking For Money To Review Restaurant

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Food Influencer Crushed For Asking For Money To Review Restaurant


  • A food “influencer” allegedly requested a cafe for cash in advance of writing a overview, but was turned down.
  • He then went to the cafe, trashed it on social media, and is now obtaining crushed for his actions.
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A Los Angeles primarily based foods blogger slash “influencer” is finding raked over the coals currently following he allegedly tried to blackmail a cafe into spending him for a good review.

According to screenshots revealed by Corner 17 Noodles & Bubble Tea in University City, Missouri, Antonio Malik (@antonio_eats_la) tried to extort them out of $100 and when they rebuffed him he attempted to trash them on social media.

No, you did not read through that erroneous. The cafe is positioned in Missouri. The food items blogger is situated in California.

Here’s how it all allegedly went down, according to the direct concept screenshots shared by Corner 17 Noodles & Bubble Tea.

“Hello! I wished to history the foodstuff becoming made and post it on my web site. In trade for $100 off the foods. I can occur now,” Malik wrote.

“But you know we are in stil?” Corner 17 replied.

“I’m in stl also,” Malik wrote back again. “I can occur nowadays about 430. I’m from stl, I have loved ones here. I live in LA and here.”

Following some silence on Corner 17’s aspect, Malik messaged the cafe again, crafting, “??”

“Thank you for your present but I don’t consider this collaboration will perform for us tho,” the cafe responded.

Malik then proceeded to give the cafe a awful overview.

The restaurant fired suitable back again at the troublesome foodstuff “influencer”

That’s when the gloves arrived off and Corner 17 Noodles & Bubble Tea determined to defend them selves on social media.

“We have an understanding of that we have a modest platform listed here in the social media, and we don’t get as substantially voice as other media influencers primarily with Asian delicacies,” the cafe explained in a statement. “Most of time the eating places don’t have any social accounts or time to deal with their accounts. An deliberately terrible publish-up from a substantial following influencer mainly because of our refusal to take their collaboration is unprofessional and a these hostile manner can only wreck their corporations.

“I want to action up for the reason that we felt threatened by this media influencer. I want to give a voice to my Asian local community that is alright to say no and switch down any promotional provides, no dread to stand up and defend oneself.”

However, Malik wasn’t via bothering the restaurant.

Malik’s Instagram account is now set to non-public, other than to his 213,000 followers, whoever they could be.


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