May 22, 2024


Food never sleeps.

4 Important strategies in motivating restaurant employees

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Customers remember a restaurant because of its great food deals and even better service. 

Restaurant service starts with the back-end employees of the business – from the waiters to its chefs. Delivering better services to customers is critical in cultivating an environment best fitting for customers and staff alike. 

Thus, it is essential to find ways and strategies to motivate restaurant employees to deliver better services for your business.

Front and back-of-house employees are most productive when the restaurant rewards them with a valuable token to create a positive work environment.

Tokens and gratuity salary increase motivates restaurant employees to do more for the best interest of their restaurant.

Fortunately, a digital restaurant menu QR code software has a built-in tipping feature that is useful for valuing the services of an employee. 

Your restaurant business can use the functionalities of a digital restaurant menu QR code software to seek ways to generate more income for your employees’ gratuity tokens.

Aside from gaining gratuity tokens from the tipping feature of a menu QR code software, here are other ways to maintain a healthy work environment for your staff.

  1. Paid day off benefits

To keep your employees’ high morale, offering them paid day off benefits is a great first step to keep them happy and motivated.

Your restaurant is obligated to give day-off benefits to your employees from time to time. Sadly, other establishments find loopholes in that system and refuse to give the right amount of leave benefits.

Day off privileges allow your employees some room to breathe and find some balance with their work life. When running such a hectic business as a restaurant, you’d want your employees to be in good shape both physically and mentally. Allowing them to get enough rest is one of them.

Paid day-offs include sick leave, annual vacation leave, maternity/paternity leave, etc. Giving employees a choice to schedule their day-offs will help your restaurant generate a strategic approach if one or two employees are on-leave.

Your employees need to know that they are valued. Giving them enough time off from work will surely them motivated.

  1. Communicate restaurant goals and principles

Let your employees know your restaurant’s primary goals and principles. This is so everyone is aligned and stays consistent with their tasks.

Furthermore, let them know about the purpose of their tasks. This will give your restaurant a reputation that trains employees to deliver services that have one common goal: to keep the same values and principles in the work environment.

Thus, your restaurant must set its vision, mission, and core values clear to keep employees up on their feet in delivering better services.

  1. Offer opportunities and career development

Keep your employees challenged by giving them responsibilities that test their critical thinking abilities. A restaurant management’s role is to operate a business that values the potential of its employees in creating new strategies for delivering their services.

For instance, your restaurant can ask your employees about their work environment feedback and opinions to create a more cohesive teamwork. 

Moreover, this will let you know that your employees embody a sense of accountability. This strategy makes them see the bigger picture in working in a harmonious environment, creating opportunities for a developed career path.

  1. Create a flexible work-life balance for employees

Let your employees know that there is more to life than their day-to-day work responsibilities. Offer a healthy work environment for your employees by establishing a company structure that handles work and life balance well.

You can build a harmonious work environment if you give importance to the individual lives of your employees outside your establishment.

Make your employees feel their individuality by letting them explore their strengths outside your business. Also, let them explore the joys of creating hobbies outside of work.

Ensuring your employees are living more well-rounded lives allow them to deliver better services for your establishment.

Accommodate your employees’ requests if they need a valid time-off. Let them feel valued and cherished as they cater to customers and help your business grow.


It goes without saying that an employee-centric business will help you manage and maximize productivity with well-mannered and goal-driven employees.

Stick to your vision, mission, and core values to create the same path for your employees to thrive, and watch your business and community flourish in no time.