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Food never sleeps.

10 Asian food bloggers to follow on Instagram

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Instagram has become a go-to platform for food lovers. Some have even turned it into their blogging platform. If you like seeing food content on your feed, these Asian food bloggers will keep you fed and full. 

If you enjoy trying new recipes, cuisines, and whipping up something delicious and comforting, Instagram is where you can find recipes for delectable dishes that are not only picture-perfect but are also wholesome meals.

Learn easy tricks, pro tips, and some of the tastiest recipes from home cooks, professional chefs, and other influencers from around the world to make your meal fun, delicious and Instagramable.

To help you out, we’ve listed some of the most talented Asian food bloggers on the social media platform who will help you make a warm, hearty Asian meal. Something as simple as a bowl of ramen garnished with seafood and meat or a spicy curry for a burst of flavours — every meal is characterised by earthy flavours and subtle textures blended with a robust spice mix and all things grown locally on the land.

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10 Asian food bloggers to follow on Instagram

Bee (@rasamalaysia)

Making Malaysian cooking easy for all is young food blogger Bee Yinn Low. Her Instagram page and food blog are filled with over 1,000 Malaysian, Asian and American recipes.

Bee is the founder of one of the leading food blogs Rasa Malaysia, which features recipes ranging from easy snacks and desserts to everything hearty and delicious. Fried calamari, Bok Choy Chicken, Miso Soup, Instant pot Teriyaki Chicken, Rum infused banana breads, cotton soft milk buns and much more make up her colourful Instagram feed.

Based out of Irvine, California, US, this social media influencer, cookbook author, food stylist and photographer is at the top of her game. The main reason behind the strong and growing fanbase of Rasa Malaysia, she says, is the fact that the recipes are easy to make with locally found ingredients and do not compromise on the taste and flavours.

JinJoo (@Kimchimari)

If you are a fan of Korean food and the very thought of Kimbap, Bibimbap, Japchae and other such dishes make you drool, then this Instagram page is a must to follow. Based out of California, JinJoo became a food blogger in 2011 only when her college-going daughter pulled her out of her ‘mid-life dilemma’ and encouraged her to do something for herself. Then there was no looking back.

Since both mother and daughter are sensitive to gluten, home cooking — with wonderful flavours and textures — became her motto. Adding modern twists and her personal touch just elevates her dishes.

On her blog, JinJoo says, “As a mom, I realized that my job is not done yet. There are still so many things that I didn’t get to teach my daughter before she left home-especially about Korean food- not just about cooking, but about the ingredients, about how different foods affect your health and about everything else that you just cannot learn from a book.”

Her page is full of gluten-free healthy Korean cooking and recipes that are amazing to taste.

Bill, Judy, Sarah and Kaitlin (@thewoksoflife)

A family of four — Bill, Judy and daughters Sarah and Kailin — that loves cooking, travelling and strives to keep their traditional recipes alive, “The Woks Of Life” showcases an array of Chinese recipes that are packed with authentic flavours.

Preparing meals, especially during festivities, rustles up memories of the family getting together to help in the kitchen. Each member of the family comes up with their own ideas and ways to use the ingredients and spices, but all end up with some finger-licking food. This idea is the very essence of the family food blog “The Woks Of Life.”

What makes them one of the best Asian food bloggers is that although cooking together leads to the “odd kitchen squabble,” they analyse the food, “think about what to make for dinner before lunch is over, and are relentless about perfecting our favourite dishes.”

From Pork Char Siu, Chinese braised beef stew and Chinese mochi to a hot pot of soulful umami stock for a winter night and a host of traditional Chinese condiments like the chilli oil, their blog not just has beautiful photographs but also authentic Chinese recipes with a modern touch.

Richa Hingle (@veganricha)

Making vegan Asian dishes can be a bit tricky. However, this software engineer-turned-home cook has made it seem effortless. Richa Hingle’s Instagram feed is full of vegan Indian dishes, ranging from simple snacks and breakfast items to main course dishes for lunches and dinners.

With two cookbooks to her credit — Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen and Vegan Richa’s Everyday Kitchen — this food blogger really shows how everyday Indian dishes can be elevated and given the vegan makeover while keeping them healthy.

Wondering what to expect? The dishes include “bold flavours, variety, healthy food with a bit of indulgence once in a while,” says Richa in her blog.

From lemon chia cookies, scrambled tofu to malai tofu curry, Miso peanut butter and whole roasted cauliflower, you’ll find many options to choose from if you prefer vegan food. Visit her Instagram for some captivating photographs of dishes, which are no less in flavours.

From cooks trying to look up something new to those just learning how to cook, this food blogger’s page is for all.

Namiko Hirasawa Che (@justonecookbook)

Moving over to sushi and tempura, Japanese cooking covers such a wide spectrum of dishes that a lot of it largely remains unexplored. Trust this young food blogger who is travelling the lengths and breadths of the country to find authentic flavours and easier ways to prepare dishes.

Moving to the US for her higher studies, Namiko Hirasawa Che, or Nami, was always interested in food and found herself engrossed in the kitchen with her mother. Now, along with her husband, Nami is a full-fledged Japanese food blogger with an array of dishes and recipes donning her active Instagram account and blog “Just One CookBook.”

Whether you are passionate about Japanese food, want to try something new over the weekend or simply looking to learn more about traditional Japanese cooking blended with modern techniques, “Just One Cookbook” has easy recipes and videos to help you.

Thinking of Japanese Matcha cakes, ramen recipes, Tonkatsu, a variety of sushi rolls to ultimate Japanese hot pot guides, her IG feed has some of the best ideas. Right from the basics of how to get the perfect ramen eggs to curry udon noodles and Inari sushi, Nami has it all.

Pailin Chongchitnant (@hotthaikitchen)

No matter where our work and life take us, staying connected to our roots hardly ever ceases. Pailin ‘Pai’ Chongchitnant did just that when she launched her food blog and YouTube channel Hot Thai Kitchen. With over 1 million followers on her YouTube cooking show ‘Pai’, is out there to demystify Thai cooking.

Her posts and videos on Instagram not only offer a step-by-step guide to making a dish but also educate people about the essence of Thai ingredients and cooking. Her website features ingredient and spice reviews as she tries out local produce.

Her Instagram page is an assortment of colourful Thai recipes and dishes that reflect her roots while she is connecting the Western world (being based out of Vancouver) with her homeland. Making native Thai dishes like Kai yoo yee, or as she would call it ‘marble eggs’, Pad Thai, easy clay pot glass noodles to desserts, like Faktong sangkaya and Sago pudding, Pai is sure to make you head to the kitchen now.

Vanjo Merano (@panlasangpinoy)

Taking Filipino dishes and putting them out there led food blogger Vanjo Merano to start his blog “Panlasang Pinoy” and Instagram page. Teaching the world about Filipino-style and simple home cooking, as well as creating Asian recipes is what this young food blogger, based out of Chicago, US, does best.

Incredible beef Pares, traditional stir-fry pork recipes and all things in between, Merano also took up sharing cooking videos on IG and his blog for people to enjoy these delectable dishes from the Philippines.

Bringing out the rich flavours of a Masarsang Menudo to the subtle sweetness of a Brazo de Mercedes, Merano has let Filipino dishes shine through his blog. His occasional personal touches and twists on these Filipino favourites, however, do not stray much from the original, letting the rich flavours blossom.

His Instagram feed is nothing short of a culinary trip down the streets of the Philippines. With bright photographs of his food and cooking videos, it seems like every meal is infused with flavours from various cultures and traditions of the country.

Thokoh Makan (@thokohmakan)

Based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, food bloggers, Max and Ming, truly uphold Malaysian food and make the indigenous style shine in all their posts. From Sambal to Tauhu Begedil their recipes and dishes bring traditional cooking techniques of the country.

As food bloggers, they not only share recipes but also suggest the best places to eat and recommend dishes from all over the country. Planning to visit Malaysia anytime soon? Visit their blog to know the must-visit places when it comes to food and which dishes you mustn’t miss. They travel extensively, covering the best options on offer, and share some incredible photographs of what they try to make.

Food blogging doesn’t include just gastronomical experiences. Their travel details form just as much a crucial element as the food itself. Sourcing ingredients to make the best dishes for all moods is also a major part of their blog.

Archana Doshi (@archana’s kitchen)

Founded in 2007, food blogger Archana Doshi’s blog and website has just grown exponentially. One of the largest and leading food discovery blogs, Archana’s Kitchen features recipes and dishes by a number of homecooks who are making everyday food delicious and exciting.

A plethora of Indian recipes to explore and choose from, the website covers everything from snacks, breakfast dishes and main course items.

Do not miss out her ‘zero maida’ cakes and cookies mixes available to shop online. Including a host of cereals like jowar, bajra, ragi, barley and more, Archana’s Kitchen also offers healthy alternatives to foods and is a one stop cooking solution to all your Indian dishes.

Rose (@cheaplazyvegan)

Born in South Korea and living in Canada, Rose resonates with every next door girl. Food, for her, has to be delicious, cheap and something a lazy person can make, and she is on a mission to show the same for vegan cooking through her 10-minutes videos.

Talk of drool-worthy food, her vegan sushi, Korean rice soup, Korean soybean paste stew will instantly make you fall in love with her dishes.

The 10-minute congee looks incredible and with easy-to-follow recipes, the cooking becomes a cakewalk. A collection of innumerable Korean and Asian vegan dishes, the blog is colourful, informative and delicious. Rose mentions on her blog that she aims “to build a community where we can all come together for the love of vegan food and our furry friends!”

Visit her blog for all these fun recipes as well as lay your hands on her e-cookbooks.

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